Sports and Health

It is important to keep the body fit and healthy which means that our body can be free of disease.

Past paths did NOT specifically point out the need to keep the body at optimum health since many jobs required physical activity. However, modern times have made man partake in many sedentary positions.

So, it becomes necessary to point out that the human body needs to participate in some form of physical fitness or sport to ensure the body stays in the best health. Getting rid of inflammation has been proven when we exercise by stimulating our muscles.

This stimulates the production of anti-inflammatory cytokines that reduce or fight inflammation.

Exercise promotes physical exertion of the body through a sport. There are many kinds of sports that one can participate in. Some involve groups while other sports can be done on ones’ own and alone.

For the awakening process, there are some sports that are conducive to the awakening process which should be done without others in silence. This enables the individual to connect with the inner self without worrying about the outer gab, chatter, chats, gossip or talks when we engage in group sports. If music is being listened to while playing a sport then it should be without vocals as discussed in the heading of Music.

Some sports that are non-contact that one should undertake on their own without the need to have a group or any company are:

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