“The world will be saved by the
Western woman.”

Dalai Lama

In ensuring that this prophecy comes to be, a divine inspiration allows a woman from the West to elevate humanity to live mindfully. The truth lies in that part of the inner child which is each and every one of us. These unique and innovative ideas enable us to integrate meditation into our daily lives so that a peeling away of the layers of delusion can take place.

After spending nearly 30 years as a retailer called Bobby Dazzler and going through a tremendous amount of adversity, upheaval and suffering, an awakening took place. It was time to re-brand Bobby Dazzler as a healer and share the divine knowledge that this life was incarnated for. Past enlightenments of the authentic self have been revealed by males however this unique teaching is being brought to the West by a female who lives life as a householder. It is brought with empathy, compassion and in easy to understand techniques that focus on the “how to” rather than looking at past paths, engaging in meaningless debates and without any dogma. These teachings bring you back to you, the inner self. There is no need to go far away when we choose to learn by becoming still and to learn to live mindfully in our own homes daily.

Essentially, a spiritual awakening during our adulthood is our second spiritual awakening. This awakening process is undertaken as a choice made by ourselves or it can take place naturally when one experiences a significant amount of suffering in life. The original awakening occurred at the time of our birth. This teaching guides us to that part of us that we were at the time of birth. The pure you, the real self!

Self-actualizing eventually is possible in the West without going to the East, without following any dogma, wearing certain garbs, shaving your head or doing other things that dogma has instilled. It is brought without complicated jargon, without any controversy but in simplicity with authenticity. It is being brought from a feminine perspective. These teachings allow a healing, a personal transformation and a chance to find the authentic you through elevation of our consciousness.

Who is Bobby Dazzler?

Why the Bobby Dazzler pseudonym? What does it mean? Who is Bobby?
Definition: Bobby Dazzler is a term from Lancashire, in the North West of England. It means someone who looks good, or is well presented and is pertaining to someone special indeed. It is a term that is meant to be used for the collective (all of humanity) since we are all extraordinary and carry a spark of the divine within each of us. It is just a matter of discovering that unique or divine nature in each of us

A conscious person = “anything that is outstanding, well-represented, striking” = the true self, the higher self, the creative/divine self

After using the phrase Bobby Dazzler as a retailer for nearly 30 years, the phrase was adopted when choosing to become a healer. It was simply a phrase that collectively means there is a Bobby Dazzler in each and every one of us. Essentially, there is something divine in all of us that is part of our inner child. All of humanity is excellent, light and outstanding. It is just a matter of turning that light on to become awakened. Lastly, most teachers choose hard to pronounce Indian names and terms but that didn’t seem to make sense when teaching to the West. Bobby is an easy name to remember.

Bobby Dazzler is memorable, and not difficult to pronounce. It is an anglicized word that makes this awakening easy to understand in the uncomplicated language for all of us.

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