Listening to music is healing and relaxing. Music therapy is not just taking off during modern times to elevate stress, anxiety or depression but it allows for mindful living. By using our hearing we are engaging ourselves in that part of the higher self that relates to our higher senses.

Although taking walks without any music is the best way to connect to nature and awakening, listening to some types of music provides some forms of meditation. If we must listen to music while we take a walk, drive or just do chores around the house then perhaps listening to some of the following examples of Music that does NOT have too many vocals or words would be recommended for the modern West awakening.

Words, lyrics or vocals cause the mind to think about our current life, relationships, issues and past events/experiences that are both good and bad in life.

Thinking evokes emotion and thoughts which is contrary to what the awakening process of making the mind, without thought. Words in music cause us to over think. Words/vocals prevent the mind from becoming balanced and in equilibrium. Music without words prevents this over thinking and creating ideas/thoughts or patterns in the mind. Music without words/vocals allows the moment to just be and therefore allows us to be more present which is what awakening is about.

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